Friday, 7 November 2008

The Wired In online recovery community

My apologies for not blogging recently but I have been deep into writing content and testing the new online community which is close to being launched. Kevin and my blogs have been moved over onto the new site so there will be a nice archive there.

A small community has developed amongst the people testing the site and we've had some amusing experiences. Here is one of my recent postings which generated a number of comments:

'Chris G and his 200,000 followers
We have been very busy developing the website and doing related things, so it is good to have a dose of humour now and again.
Chris G emailed Lucie just now to say that some words in blue had appeared on his profile page underneath his Friends list. He now had 200,000 followers! As he said to Lucie, ‘Come with me child and I will show you the world.’
Now, we know that strange things happen from time to time, because Nathan is working on the functionality and tests things periodically.
The only problem is that Chris G is really excited about having such an impact on the world – and what is this going to do to his self-esteem when he loses his followers in one foul sweep of Nathan’s programming!
Please can you all check out that he gets back on his feet after such a loss!!
And don’t stop blogging Chris, for they may return.'


Anonymous said...

you guys crack me up

David Clark said...

I hope it is in a positive way. I think we need some humour in this field from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Prof, I have a feeling mr anonymous was being sarcastic. I hope it's not that berk from a couple of weeks ago who caused the tsunami of comments here.

David Clark said...

Hi ray,

Well if so, you know what they say about sarcasm being the lowest form of wit. Cannot please everyone, but at least I've still not hung myself - as someone seemed sure I would do.


Anonymous said...

it's 'hanged' not 'hung'

Anonymous said...

Ray Covery? Someone's pulling your plonker.

As a critical friend of your work, I do worry though when you post things like this. It plays to that pretty large constituency that thinks you're deluded and self-obsessed. Come on, there's lots of real issues to post about!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing the new web presence. Do you have an estimated launch date, David?

tim1leg said...

I wonder why this anon with the various names is so threatened, i wasnt aware there was a large constituency that thinks you're deluded and self-obsessed David, quite the reverse in my opinion especially as you have committed vast somes of your own time and money into helping the field and those they are supposed to serve.

Please dont be dismayed by these outbursts as i said you must be threating them in some way.

Anonymous said...

ray thats so obvious your trying to have a sense of humour, with your various names etc please dont waste your time its just not that funny or clever.

David Clark said...

New site to be launched before end of month.