Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Aims of our Upcoming Online Recovery Community

Yesterday, I reported progress on our new web community site which we expect to launch at www.wired.org.uk in the autumn. I was re-reading a section of Bill White's paper, 'The Rhetoric of Recovery Advocacy: An Essay on the Power of Language' today, the part that focuses on the goals of the new Recovery Movement in America. I was reminded that the aims of our new community site are very similar to those described by Bill White in his manuscript.

1. To show that there are many diverse pathways to recovery from serious substance use problems and addiction.
2. To provide living role models who illustrate the diverse range of recovery solutions.  
3. To provide information and tools to help people find recovery using: (a) their own personal psychological resources; (b) the support and help of loved ones and friends, and (c) community-based treatment and other support services.
4. To help reduce prejudice towards substance misusers and their families, to create a society that is more understanding and supportive of recovery from substance use problems.
5. To enhance the variety, availability and quality of recovery support services at local, national and international levels.
Please get involved in our new web community!
I've now launched the 'Wired In to Recovery' channel on vimeo which provides higher quality video than on YouTube. Check out our first three film clips. And why not subscribe so you can be updated each time we launch more material?

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tim1leg said...

Hi David, I am very much looking forward to being a part of the online recovery community that wired in is currently developing in that not only will it assist me in my own recovery but I may also be able to support others who are starting thier own recovery path. The theraputic value of one addict helping another is unparalled. I am delighted also to see that Bill Whites guidance is at the forefront of the wired in communitys development.