Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Some Words on Recovery

I had a nice comment on yesterday's Blog - thanks Mike! He went on to say that he will be sending my Blog to his boss at the DAAT where he  works as the latter is 'striving to develop his understanding of the whole recovery debate.' I have often wondered how many DAAT teams read my Blogs - and how many understand the concept of recovery.

Following on from yesterday's Blog on 'drug, set and setting', I have linked to a short document that I wrote some months ago on recovery from heroin addiction. Hope you find it useful. I am writing much more detailed material on recovery for our forthcoming online community site. Stay tuned.

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Unknown said...

perhaps it would be good to send people to the original text by Norman Zinberg. It is free to access at Drugtext: http://www.drugtext.org/library/books/zinberg2/default.htm