Sunday, 12 October 2008

Holidays, blogs and film

Both Lucie and Kevin have taken time off for holidays, and Jim has flown over to Norway for one of his son's weddings. So that has left me holding the Wired In fort. 

I've been too busy to notice their disappearance, as I've been deep in content management for the online recovery community. I left a lot of my admin to this coming week, as I really needed to make a push on the content and checking the functionality of the site.
I recently checked through and edited over 100 of my postings and over 70 of Kevin's from our Google blogs. Quite a time consuming process, I can tell you. 
Actually, I found it absolutely fascinating reading all of Kevin's blogs again, this time one after another. It made real interesting reading, the thoughts of someone who has 'been there' and is passionately concerned about helping other people find recovery from addiction.
I also looked over some of his film material. I had loaned Kevin a Mac and encouraged him to take it around and film (with the internal vidcam) discussions with some of our volunteers, edit the material, and put it up on YouTube and Vimeo.
Just a standard sort of thing to do in everyday life! And Kevin has not had an everyday life!!
He has been fantastic and learnt what he needed to do really quickly. One thing that struck me when working on his blogs, was the film he put together with Brian White, one of our volunteers in Cardiff.
I ask you to take a look, to see Brian's reflections on his journey into recovery.
Given the quality of what Kevin and Lucie have been doing, it is ironic that I run out of money for them at the end of next month. So I'm trying to raise funding to keep this train on the tracks - and also feed myself.

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