Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A productive day on the computer

I'm pooped! Bloody pooped!! 

Lucie, Kevin and I have been sitting in my sitting room all day, loading up material on the new website, testing the functionality of the content management system, talking to the website-developer and some community members, and trying to work on a funding application. Talk about multi-tasking.
It's fun writing and loading up new material (written and video), but the process can also get boring at times, particularly when one is looking through and checking and formatting old material. There is a lot of material we are moving over from the google blogs to our new site, not just Kevin's and my own, but also some of our community members. It's so easy to make mistakes and also miss typos, so it can become very frustrating.
And poor Lucie, the only one using a PC (and Vista), has been tearing her hair out because the website has been creating multiple windows on her screen. A programming bug that needs finding, but until it's caught poor Lucie will continue to be frustrated. Developing and launching a new website can take some time - one task that has to be done is to check the full functionality in all sorts of different web browsers. 
Ultimately, the real test of the system is when lots of people are accessing the website, which should happen early next month when we launch.
For now, I feel burnt out so this rambling will have to replace my originally planned more focused  blog. But I feel very happy that I have had a very productive day.

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