Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Progress made on funding shortfall

It's been a very good day and things have moved along significantly in our drive to save Daily Dose. However, I cannot relax - the sword of Damocles is still hanging there, as described by a colleague. We are getting closer, but we are not there yet. So I urge those who you who can help but who have not contacted us yet, to please do so as soon as possible. 

If everyone who has told us they are considering funding Daily Dose does so, then  we can make the magic six figures. That would say something about the vitality of the field, as I only made my statement about the impending closure of Daily Dose just eight days a go. Let's do it!
Now, I'm not the only neophyte in the substance use field in this blogging business. Professor Frederick Rotgers, who is American Editor-in-Chief of the journal "Addiction Research and Theory", has started a blog over in Philadelphia. I am really enthused by this move, not just because of Fred's eminent standing and background, but because he is focusing on bioethical issues in substance use treatment. Intriguing and essential stuff! Please check out Fred's Blog
I should point out that Fred immediately responded to DD's plight with an e-mail of support and suggestions. Thanks Fred!


Crow said...

Great news Dave - finger crossed that all comes good.


Anonymous said...

Delighted to learn the encouraging news. On a purely selfish note I would like to thank all those who have made a contribution, thus giving me hope that 'my' indespensible daily dose, will survive.

Since I know David would disaprove of me expressing, in pornagraphic terms, my feelings about those who are able to contribute, but have declined by ommission to do so, I will restrain myself, by simply saying 'May the birds of paradise fly up your nose, and an elephant caress you with its toes'

Anonymous said...

Good news indeed! I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that yesterday's move in the right direction continues. Thanks David for keeping us posted.