Sunday, 30 March 2008

You did it!

On Monday, 17th March 2008, we announced we were in a crisis situation and could not continue running Daily Dose without a commitment of £100,000 funding for the coming year. 

We are thrilled to announce that this target has been reached. The following organisations have agreed to become Lead Sponsors of Daily Dose: 
  • Addaction
  • Ayurva
  • Castle Craig Hospital
  • Centre for Drug Misuse Research, University of Glasgow
  • Concateno
  • HIT
  • Home Office
  • National Treatment Agency
  • Scottish Government
We would like to point out that the National Treatment Agency made a very significant financial contribution. We are awaiting final decisions from two other organisations who have expressed serious interest. 
We have received many emails in the past two weeks about Daily Dose. We are humbled by the praise that has been expressed about the service and the universal concern about its imminent demise. A number of individuals donated money to our charity Wired International Ltd for Daily Dose. I think I have replied to every email, but if I missed yours, I'm sorry. It has been a very busy period!
For the organisations who have not yet responded to our initial email, or are in an early stage of negotiation, there is still time to become a Lead Sponsor. We have many ideas for important new facets of the Daily Dose service. The more sponsorship we can raise, the better the service we can provide to YOU. And the more we can help you to help people affected by substance use problems.
Thanks to all who provided support, whatever form that has taken. 


Anonymous said...

I know that I am not the only one who has prayed a lot in the past 2 weeks.
The Daily Dose has become such a big part of my life. I a Partner to 2 websites along with Forums for both Methadone and Suboxone, and I rely on the Daily dose to give us news that we can count on as being neither one-sided nor opinionated.
Thank you so much for letting us see that true journalism is still alive and well.

Steve Rolles said...

brilliant news. congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic!

It is more inspirational, than ecouraging, that not only has the necessary funds been pleged, but the diversity of the organisations who have have come forward to to support this invaluable source of information.

CCPtax News and Information said...

Great News, well done David

Mike Ashley
Trustee - WIRED International Limited

Anonymous said...

Excellent news! I'm sure, like many others, I find the Daily Dose a superb source of information

Martin Buczkiewicz
Chief Executive

Kev said...

I'm chuffed to beans for you mate. They ain't gonna stop this train!!

Anonymous said...

I am delighted, especially for Jim who has done a sterling job. This site is a huge assett to the Internet community and would be disasterous if it went off line-Continue your great work Jim!