Monday, 31 March 2008

Some good and some bad

I'd like to thank Action on Addiction for becoming a new Lead Sponsor of Daily Dose. We've also started an Associate Sponsor's programme (£1,000 per annum) following kind offers of support from Salford DAAT and Barking & Dagenham DAAT. 

Sadly, we have not been offered support from the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG), despite the fact that Daily Dose is run out of Swansea and I live a mere 12 miles from the Assembly building. What makes this worse is that for the second year running my emails to the WAG have not been answered. 
Courtesy and good communication are two essential elements in the substance misuse field. It would be nice to think that central government set a good example, but this does not seem to be the case in the present matter. Mind you, I cannot complain about government officials in England and Scotland. Not only are the Home Office, National Treatment Agency and Scottish Government sponsoring us, I had positive communications from each of them on Easter Tuesday. Only eight days after we had started our funding drive! Thank you very much.
Well, I guess there is always the possibility that WAG might see the error of their ways and bite the bullet. We are still accepting sponsorship offers - and you can contact me here.
And while I am having a constructive winge, please check out Kevin's Blog. I thought that this was a joke, but soon found out that insanity reigns in a part of Liverpool. I had to pull Lucie off the ceiling. 

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Anonymous said...

It is regrettable that WAG feel unable to support such a useful source of information, and even more regrettable that they do not appear to have the common courtesy to respond. Whether the absence of latter is due to a lack of moral courage by simply saying 'No' is no more than a speculation on my part.