Sunday, 23 March 2008

Time to speak out

It's time to join the blogging world and speak out for the people who are affected by substance use problems. There are nowhere near enough people doing this, which is really sad given the prejudice that exists in today's society. 

I also want to keep you in touch with what is happening at Wired In. Yes, we've finally developed a new brand and logo, Wired In, leaving our old identity WIRED behind. Well, we've not dropped the WIRED name completely as the old website still exists. We're having a new site and content management system developed, but this was will not be completed until the summer. Please bear with us whilst we make the full transition between WIRED and Wired In.  
The team and I are really thrilled with the logo, which was developed for us by our close collaborators Spoken Image. It is so versatile. We felt that we needed to state what we stand for - we want to help people seriously affected by substance use problems, either directly or indirectly, find recovery. 
And if you don't know what recovery is, then please read my Background Briefing "Recovery and Recovery Communities" in the magazine Drink and Drugs News


Jim said...

Great stuff Dave - and long overdue - you have so much to offer this field.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations I look forward to more!

Deirdre Drohan Forbes

Steve Rolles said...

welcome to the blogiverse

don c said...

Advocacy is so important in recovery but, at times, it is a voice that whispers instead of shouts. Welcome to the choir!

Anonymous said...


Congratulations Dave

We can now look forward to reading and discussing the 'real issues' and problems, suffered and experienced by who are using drugs of addiction, rather than the ideological claptrap of those with 'other priorities' who purport to be concerned about users.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dave, good to have your voice out here on the interweb.

Frederick Rotgers, PsyD, ABPP said...

David, congratulations on starting this blog. I hope it will be a great way for folks to communicate. David, et al. I want to point you all to another blog that I have started on Bioethics and Substance Use which you can access at . I haven't put up more than the front page, yet, but plan much more soon. Fred

André said...

David, congratulations on the new image and the blog. I am not a blogger by nature, but if there is one story that needs to be told and humanised... it is this one