Wednesday, 4 June 2008

I'm so chuffed

This is going to be a short (well, sort of) Blog, but for you out there who are watching closely at what is happening - let me say, it's getting very interesting. 

I've had assurances in past two days that people are reading my Blogs and taking serious note. It has also been emphasised to me that my Background Briefings are impacting, seriously. And some people are going on to discover Bill White and his writings. I'm so chuffed.
I'm getting calls and e-mails from new people. The viral marketing process is starting.
The people who are contacting me are disillusioned with the system as it is - and they know many  others who feel the same. Anyone can moan though. However, the people who are contacting me are doing something about it. Their problem is that they have felt isolated in what they are doing. 
Hopefully, they are seeing that they do not need to be isolated. 
If Wired In could bring such people together and create a 'Voice' - then it wouldn't just me that would be WOW-ed.
Karen, you should be so proud of what you have achieved in recovery. You are, and will be, an example to so many. Cannot wait to see your e-mail and to meet you. Lucie is very excited as well!
Stuart, I LOVE good research, just send it all in!!
David L, thank you for your kind words.
Tim1leg, keep writing.
And the rest of you, you must read the comments on yesterday's Blog about Mark Gilman.
I leave you with a quote from an e-mail I received today: "These are exciting times David and i finally feel that the momentum is moving towards more dynamic working which makes the individual the stakeholder. The indigenous recovery community will undoubtedly offer a kinship that no service will touch."

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tim1leg said...

I will keep writing and listening, and speaking out, it looks like the good people are uniting via wired, we as a field have sorley lacked leadership. I for one say at last we have a vehicle for that leadership in the Prof. No pedastools here just belief and trust in your organisations aims. More grease to your elbow from Scotland say I.