Thursday, 12 June 2008

Wired In to Scotland

Lucie and Kevin have just got back from two exciting days in Scotland. They spent the first day in the LEAP project, led by Dr. David McCartney, in Edinburgh. As I write this, I’ve just had two emails arrive, one from Kevin himself. So I should let him describe what he thought about his visit. Please come back here after reading Kevin's Blog.

Lucie could not get over the energy that she felt in LEAP. The welcoming atmosphere was special, although clients thought that Kev and Lucie were there for their first session. Lots of people came up, and were positive and open about what they would receive at LEAP. Lucie could not get over the fact that LEAP offered a two-year aftercare programme. Now, this is a serious recovery-orientated programme, as far as we can see. They have what seems to matter, positive community spirit. Can’t wait to work with them!

Lucie and Kev moved on to Glasgow for the ‘Drugs and Alcohol Today’ conference. They were armed with lots of pieces of paper (e.g. Personal Stories, Wired In ‘Way Forward’ document), DVDs and a Mac to show the films and Blogs.

Lucie was thrilled with the response that they had at the meeting. Substance use workers really wanted to get involved with what we are doing, and wanted to be able to get their clients involved. A number of workers, as well as service users, signed up to the Wired In Recovery Movement.

Lucie pointed out that lots of people were talking about recovery, sorry Recovery. They were excited! 

Lucie also met 'tim1leg', our new close collaborator from the West coast of Scotland. She described Annemarie as a ‘bundle of passion’. You’re on board Tim, whether it is on one or three legs!!

Finally, I must get you to visit the latest Blog from our good Czech Republic friend in Texas, Pavel Nepustil. As an aside, Pavel, how do you think your football team is playing? We’ll allow you a Blog comment on football, good friend!

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Anonymous said...

Great to get such a positive mention on your blog. We just celebrated our 25th patient's graduation (completion) of the programme today with a packed community room of family, supporters and peers. The atmosphere was electric and positive. Recovery is infectious!