Thursday, 5 June 2008

Pace Yourself: It's a Marathon

Decided to take a slow day to try and throw off this tiredness, thinking maybe I'd been pushing too hard. Mustn't forget what I'd read in one of Bill White's books: 

'Pace Yourself: It's a Marathon'
'One must be careful in carrying light to the community to not leave one's own house in darkness.'
All of you working in the field must remember this. I know that some of you put your hard and soul into your work and helping the client - and neglect yourself too much. 
For those people who are trying to change the environment and the treatment system in this country, remember it will be a marathon. Pace yourself. But we'll do it.
I've just finished a 45 minute discussion with Bill White - my first ever - and it was inspiring. One of the things that excited me is that Bill is inspired by what is happening here. Inspiring an inspiration, now that is something!   
Rowdy Yates from Scotland called to say he was enjoying the Blog. He also pointed out that there is something in the air re: recovery. He had noticed an increase in activity in substance use internet discussion groups starting about six months ago. More people are asking more questions. 
I just want to finish with something I read this morning in a talk sent to me by Stuart Honor. As cynical as I am about the way that much of the treatment system is helping people overcome substance use problems, it still hit me hard. I'm going to come back to this in a later Blog:
'It is no great trick to take an impoverished, unemployed individual who is addicted to heroin (and crack?) and turn him (sic) into an impoverished, unemployed individual who is addicted to heroin, crack, methadone and/or alcohol and benzodiazepines'
Adapted from Elliott Currie (1998) 'Reckoning: Drugs, the Cities, and the American Future'

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