Sunday, 29 June 2008

'Our Community'

Recently the Wired In team have been working very closely with the volunteers in our Recovery Community. Together we have created a series of blogs where the volunteers are sharing information about themselves, and their views and experiences of addiction and recovery. 

When we initially set up the Our Community blogspot, we were not prepared for the enthusiasm shown by the volunteers. They have all excelled themselves in rising to a new challenge. Today we are launching their online community pages, and we hope that others will learn from their experiences and gain hope that recovery from addiction is possible.

Please take some time to look around the Community pages. Our Community blogspot is a work in progress. We will be continuously updating new information and encouraging new volunteers to come on board to share their experiences. This is an exciting time for the Wired In volunteers, who are so eager to help educate the field and help people who are affected by addiction.

Today we are also launching the next episode from our ‘Life as a heroin addict’ filmed series. This looks at the stigma around the drug scene and the drug addict and also the effect that stigma has on the drug user, including low self-esteem and paranoia. 

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