Wednesday, 3 September 2008

My good friends Claire and Ian at CJ Wellings

Claire and Ian of CJ Wellings, the publishers of Drink and Drugs News, came up to Cardiff to see us last Thursday. Lucie and I picked them up at the station and drove them out to Cowbridge so that they could see the Wired In headquarters and meet my beloved dog Tessa. We also had a tasty pub lunch.

It is amazing to think that DDN has been running for nearly four years. It seems a lot less time has passed since Simon Shepherd (formerly CEO of FDAP) and I did some plotting with Claire and Ian as they made the decision to set up on their own and launch a new magazine. And what a magazine it has been - and continues to be! I am certainly very proud to be associated with DDN and CJ Wellings. It is also a great pleasure to work with such nice people, who are committed to helping people affected by substance use problems. 
Of course, lunch was not just lunch. The four of us did some thinking about how we can help each other over the coming year or two. More plotting afoot.
The only sad aspect was that Claire and Ian could not meet Kevin who was down with the lurgy. They'll just have to come up again soon! And hope it does not rain!!


Claire said...

Thank you David, it was an absolute pleasure to come down to Wired In towers - and excellent to catch-up with you and Lucie, particularly when there's so much going on!

Exciting times ahead...

tim1leg said...

i kept checking the ddn website for their fornighty update only to discovery they were on holiday!! holiday i ask you! lol it will be great to see the next edition and well done to all who contribute.

Anonymous said...

The collaboration between DDN and Wired has been of great benefit to my academic studies.Ive followed your educational articles in DDN with great interest.Ive been around the self help groups for 20 odd years and reflecting back have seen major change from when I started my recovery to the present.Danos and FDAP have really got the standards raised and the provision for education.I really believe we can make it more than a job,something to feel really part of.Having had some issues with depression in the 80s then dual-diagnosis was clean cut,you either went to substance treatment or were refered to a psychiatrist.I was lucky and found a good psychiatrist who unfortunately has passed away who talked about such a condition then.Its become one area and Im sure it is now not a trend but a neccessity we all adept ourselves with some knowledge.If you look at the world drug report and convert the figures to those with dual-diagnosis it becomes apparent for gobal research and educational needs to be available in this area in this area.This may be helpfull for those wishing to get a feel for working with dual diagnosis taking your already knowledgable on substance use.To start knowledge a book by David D. Burns M.D. (the Feeling Good Handbook 1999 by Plume,part of the penguin group)its all about mood disorders and a workbook also,Im trained in counselling skills and this is the next step.Then moving up a gear Stephen M. Stahls (Stahls essential psychopharmacology 2008)this book is about Depression and bi-polar diorders and is in straight forward language and essential reading.Ive picked these 2 books as they are all about the person sitting in front of you and their is loads more on Dual-diagnosis that deal with integrating treatment methods if you look around.My thinking is get to know how the mind works,how mood disorders effect functioning and how this all ties in with substance use.Im hoping youself David run some articles on Dual-Diagnosis.Good luck to everyone back to work after your holidays,Im off back to University.

David Clark said...

Thanks you for this email and the information contained. You're absolutely right, I really must do some writing about dual diagnosis, and psychological problems such as depression on their own. This is such a neglected area in the field, in part because the system (or those in charge) cannot get their heads around the complexities, or perceived complexities.
I will write as soon as I can, but I'm really busy getting stuff ready (and writing) for the recovery community website at the moment. Will get there when I can.
Keep in touch.