Monday, 8 September 2008

A Parents Story

I've had a busy time preparing and uploading material for the new website. I've been looking through content on our old '' website, selecting what should be transfered to the new site.

I came across an old article given to me by Mike Blanche of Drug and Family Support (DAFS) based in Gwent. It was written by colleagues of Mike who asked if I would put it on our old website. I read the article and realised that it was as relevant today as it was when first written. There are many parents around the country experiencing the same problems today as were occurring five years ago. 
As pointed out on my June 30th Blog, we are not devoting enough efforts towards helping family members who experience problems as a result of their loved one's substance use.
I leave you to read the article I have retrieved, called 'A Parents Story'.  


Anonymous said...

I currently work for a charitbale organisation called 'Liberty from Addiction' which is based in Chester-le-Street in County Durham (North East England). We support friends, families and carers of people with substance misuse problems (drugs and/or alcohol). I have recently been receiving the 'daily dose' from wired in and read 'The Parents Story'. I have heard such similiar stories from the carers we support and we now have a group of them who have got together and are in the process of developing a book to be published which will include their personal stories and experiences. It seems extremely important to continue showing people these stories so that the negative stigma of substance misuse can be changed and people can realise it can happen to anyone. Thank you for providing me with the link so that I could see it and with your permission I will pass it on to our carers for them to relate to.

Kind regards,
Donna Zepernick,
0191 387 1111

Kev said...

Yeah thanks David for highlighting this story of hope for all the families out there who are in this situation. It's very important to give people this kind of information that help is availible.

David Clark said...

Donna, Thank you for your comment. We'd be very grateful if you pass on our links to the people you work with. We are launching a new community website soon where people can have their own profile page for networking and for blogging (if they wish). We are trying to create a powerful voice of the people. Even if a person does not use the facilities on the page, signing up will allow them to comment on other articles, use other services we plan, and show that there are people concerned about the issues we are focusing on. There will be a special Channel for families, careers and friends that will focus on the issues that concern them.
Would be very grateful if you ask people to pass on these details to others so we can viral market.
Keep in touch! My best, David

Ian MacDonald said...

Reading the piece from one of Mike’s clients reminds me how little has really changed over the years.
Yes – there’s more help about from groups such as DAFS, and yes – the waits for treatment have decreased, but little has been done to address the issues of stigma and judgementalism, and these are just two of the issues we really need to attack.
Yes – there are more services for concerned others than there were, but getting the message out to those who really need to know about the help available, and how to access it, is a perennial issue. Having tried numerous approaches ourselves, we’ve come to the conclusion that word of mouth and recommendations from those who know about a service in some depth is by far the most productive way, but unfortunately it’s probably also the slowest and the concerns about stigma and judgementalism only serve to prevent many from taking the first step of reaching out for help for themselves! Sadly this often applies not just to the concerned others, but also to many users.

Ian MacDonald

Confusion said...

Sadly, even after 5 years things seem to not have moved forwarded towards support and understanding towards families and friends who have loved ones in the addiction, through personal experience being in hospital myself and supporting others towards admission with their family and loved ones there, it is only to common for staff to within NHS to be in any way supportive, rather the opposite. i am glad the story is being transferred over to your new site David, "Is it back to school and basics for the professionals" to have far more awareness to be able to support, understand and address the issues us addicts are asking for, rather than wait and try to sort the mess we have made ourselves in both mentally, physically and emotionally, by the time we come to this state and have to be admitted the damage is often unrepairable and not only us the victims suffer yet the loved ones and families as a whole.

Confusion said...

i would like to add to all who have and will read "A Parents Story" There is a exellant article in with the September 8th issue page 14 to 15, called "Back on track" written by Mark Ashby, to all it is a very thorough and resourful account of support and shared knowledge, well worth a read!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this posting,it brings us all into awareness of parents needing help to.My dear mother whom supported me through over a decade of Alcoholism found Al-anon and its given her a new lease of life shes seems a happier woman with her new found empowerment.I try and show a bit of respect for my parents today and the odd misplaced comment I may get still I let go of as I now have regained an emotional change that I value and can share.Through this forum Im able to express my feelings and awareness of self which helps me in my recovery,on becoming a person I quite like what Ive found.