Friday, 12 September 2008

My mate Kev

You know, one sometimes forget how far someone has come to be where they are today. I am guilty of that sometimes with Kevin Manley, who works with as at Wired In. It is easy to forget Kevin's story when you see him bustling away at work.

Officially, we call Kevin our Community Development Co-ordinator. What this means in practice is that he does a wide variety of jobs. In the (real-world) community, Kevin is helping run the new Wired In Recovery Group in Cardiff, as well as spread the message about recovery, and act as a role model. 
He is preparing and loading content on to the new community website, as well as write his own Blog. He is shooting and editing film, and uploading video to our YouTube and Vimeo channels. He has acted in our films shot by Jonathan Kerr-Smith. He is learning to operate the new content management system for the website, and playing around with a variety of social networking tools. And I am sure he does various other things I have forgotten about.
Most importantly, Kevin manages his recovery.
What versatility, eh! He has come an awfully long way from the days when he was fixated on getting his next fix. I am really proud to be associated with my mate Kev.
Just make sure you don't overdo it, Kev!


Confusion said...

Wonderful. "MY MATE KEV!" What a warm ending to the week and a rest for the weekend, recovery brings along many warm rewards, so much so we, the addicts could never wish or dream could come true! Well done kevin in all you do, being so much apart of davids "HAPPY FAMILY" is great to be invovled in, yet you have achieved all with your own recovery and need to take credit for that! we hate appraisal from others yet there are times that they need to be said. Finally, as david quite rightly said, you make sure you keep your own recovery no.1 priority, if you can't look after yourself, you will be no good for the "HAPPY FAMILY" all the best and keep on plodding along.

David Clark said...
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