Thursday, 17 April 2008

The Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies (Action on Addiction)

I sent this out tonight:
"Dear Tim, Derrick, Nick and all colleagues at Action on Addiction,
Thank you for inviting me to your opening of The Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies in 'Tim's House' in Warminster. It was an excellent launch and a great pleasure to see you all again. The building and facilities are just awesome! What else can I say?
You know how strongly I feel about the need for quality education and training in the substance misuse field. When I took on the role of External Examiner for your University of Bath Degree, I did so against my basic principals. I had vowed NEVER to be an external examiner - the job is too boring. But in your case, I knew you would do something special and I really wanted to see someone take on the challenge of developing a degree for the field. So I did it!
I did worry for you because I wondered whether you would be able to deal with all the administration a University would throw at you - particularly when they were dealing with a new scheme and an external organisation. But the University of Bath team have been fantastic and between your two groups, you made it work!  
It has been so enjoyable and rewarding being your External Examiner, particularly to see the high quality shown by so many of your students. And I have learnt so much. Being at your launch today and talking with a variety of people about the past few years, brought back to me what a fantastic journey it has been. 
I am very proud to have been part of it! And it was wonderful to meet this year's students today!!
It is onwards and upwards for you now, with your dream building being the space ship you need.
Good luck with all your future ventures.
My best,
PS. When can I stay?"
I have included this on my Blog, because this was an occasion for the field to celebrate.

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