Friday, 18 April 2008

Wired In Aims

I continue my description of our organisation Wired In by showing you our aims.

Wired In aims to improve the lives of people affected by drug and alcohol use problems and addiction. This unique initiative has been developed as a way of empowering people to tackle substance misuse by:
1. Providing information and tools that help people better understand and utilise the options they have to overcome the problems caused by their own, or a loved one’s, substance misuse;

2. Developing education and training packages that help improve the quality of treatment services in the community provided to people affected by substance use problems;

3. Creating a supportive “Community” that helps people to find recovery, maintain positive changes in their lives, and help others if they so wish;

4. Helping reduce prejudice towards people with substance use problems and their families, to create a society that better facilitates recovery from substance use problems.


Anonymous said...

The aims of wired in are inspiring. It's a pity that after years of development in the drugs treatment field that we still need to promote such values; but we do!

In particular, the stigma that surrounds addiction can be crippling for those who suffer from it.

I can sign up as a supporter to these principles.

David Clark said...

Thanks dr dave! Have you checked out our Charter as well?

I am going to provide some further information about us and our proposed way forward, and then ask people to sign up to what we are trying to do (i.e. become a Friend of Wired In).

Then I've got to go out and get some money so we can realise our ambition. All that money floating around and we have had basically none, recently just my early retirement money.

But we're going to do it!