Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Making a Difference

Heard a lovely story a few minutes ago from my colleague Lucie. 

She was visiting one of our volunteers, Chris Ling, in Cardiff yesterday. Whilst at a meeting with Turning Point that morning Chris was talking to one of the staff members about a job interview he has on Wednesday. He was a bit concerned about what to wear as he did not have any smart clothes.
Turning Point were able to offer him a 'shopping spree' where they bought him a suit, shirt, tie and shoes. 
Chris was over-the-moon with the generosity displayed by Turning Point, and could not wait for his interview where he could show off his new kit!! What a boost to his confidence and what encouragement for him to make the important step of seeking employment!   


Anonymous said...

That's nourishment not encouragement, which is exactly what is needed, together with large dollops of nurturing.

Well done Turning Point

David Clark said...

I agree, Peter.

Chris was on phone to Lucie saying how good he felt in his new suit for his interview. Talk about enhancing self-esteem!

Yes, well done Turning Point and well done Chris!!

Unknown said...

I have heard of Big issue doing a similar thing, although they apparently suplied a scond hand suit but bought new shoes for one of their vendors. They also gave him interview practice. I don't know if this was a one-off or it may be standard policy.