Monday, 28 April 2008

Checking Blog visitors

It's been a busy day so only sat down with my Blog as evening draws in. Lucie and I finished off an article on recovery and the philosophy of Wired In, so we celebrated by me cooking Chinese, including Lucie's favourite, Chillied Chicken & Leak. An advantage of me working at home.

Then we had our first play with Google Analytics, looking at the Blog statistics over the past month. I was really pleased to see that there have been 2,250 'absolute unique visitors' to the Blog since it started a month ago. Yes, over two thousand different people appeared to have visited!

Of course, these visitors have not materialised out of nowhere. The vast majority of you were referred from Daily Dose, which just goes to show you that our news portal has more than one good function!

Of the Blog visitors, 91.8% returned a second time. And nearly 500 people have visited on eight or more occasions. I am absolutely thrilled since this shows I must be writing something of interest, at least some of the time. I certainly hope I can maintain your interest, and stimulate controversy and debate over the coming months.

Please do feel free to comment, it will really help increase discussion in this field.

I guess that there is no time to rest, I better start writing some new material for the Blog.

A very big thank you to you all.

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