Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Back from Australia

Have returned from holiday in West Australia, where I had a relaxing and very enjoyable time. I will resume normal blogging tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, I would like to thank Lucie James and Kevin Manley for maintaining my Blog whilst I was away. It's great to know that you can go away and leave your Blog in good hands.

I'd also like to thank all those who contributed to the 'What Recovery Means to Me' series run by Lucie on this Blog. I really enjoyed reading and watching the contributions by Patrick M, Brian White, Chris Ling, Kerry Manley, Sean Rendall, Chris G, Annemarie and Mark Saunders. If you haven't already, please take the opportunity to read and watch!

I am also very pleased with the continuing film work that Lucie, Kevin and Jon Kerr-Smith have posted on our You Tube channel. Kevin's piece of film that he created on the Mac I gave him to play around with is super. Well done Brian White and Kevin for the excellent 'Reflections on my journey into recovery'!


tim1leg said...

Welcome Home David,the wee recovery series by lucy and kev was brill, looking forward to more debate and disscusion.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed keeping up with Lucy and Kev's hosting. Well done! Good to have you back too David; I'm looking forward to reading more.

Unknown said...

Great to have you back David, from what I have heard you had a brilliant time. I'd love to visit Australia myself one day. Maybe when the kids are a little older... :)