Thursday, 24 July 2008

The National Drug Strategy: a guide for local partnerships

Another day of post-holiday catching up at Wired In, but at the end of day thought I better read something for this Blog. Turning to Daily Dose, I decided to tackle a document on Sara McGrail's Blog - with my jet-lagged brain.

Now, I knew the various elements involved in the implementation of the Drug Strategy are complicated, but after reading Sara and David MacKintosh's document, 'The National Drug Strategy: a guide for local partnerships', I realised that they are even more complicated than I had envisaged. I have to confess that I mightily glad that I am not involved in the process of delivering the drugs strategy at the commissioning level. Far too complicated for my brain!
It's bad enough thinking about being involved in that process - how on earth did anyone write about all the stuff involved? I am in admiration of what Sara and David have achieved with their document. Piecing all of that together in the way they have done involves a special brain (or two) - and they deserve a massive pat on the back.
So if you are involved in implementing the drug strategy in some way, it is important and worthwhile that you read this excellent document, so you can gain a better understanding of what is what - and all the nuts and bolts. Mind you, I cannot promise that your brain won't get fried like mine. I'm going to have to watch a mindless film now.
But well done Sara and David! 

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