Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Wired In Tenpin Bowling

I had an excellent afternoon bowling with members of the Wired In team, including some of our volunteers. It was really pleasing to interact with members of the Cardiff community that Lucie and Kevin have been developing. 

The current Wired In bowling champion Mark Saunders was in fantastic spirits, although he had left his bowling skills at home. I continue to be amazed by Mark's progress since I first met him and he was truly buzzing today. He epitomises the Wired In positive spirit. 
Chris Hobbs came along with his partner Sian and their lovely little boy, Michael. I'm afraid Chris tends to twist his body and his balls regularly miss the pins - and the lane! Still, there is good room for improvement!! Sian was way ahead of Chris, but not up to the standards of the other ladies. Maybe they can both blame Michael. 
It was great to finally meet David Wright - we have emailed each a lot and spoken on the phone, but never gotten together. David was cheering wildly for our team - boy, did we need it! I really took to David and no doubt we will get together and have many long discussions.
Kevin Manley had all the power and some direction, but was not consistent enough. I feel so proud of what Kevin has achieved since he joined our team. He is a real inspiration to so many people in Cardiff and further afield.
I met Patrick M for the first time. He had a real sparkle in his eyes, particularly when he was striking out! He was close to winning the first game, but lost out to our University graduate volunteer Ross Asquith. I spoke to Ross's brother Lewis the other day - he is my personal trainer - and he says she is really hooked to working with our community. It's great to see.  
Lucie was Lucie - if you know her, you'll know what I mean. Her real joy - shared by us all - was three strikes in a row on her last three throws of the afternoon. Not enough to win though, as Ross won a second time.
Kerry Manley started with a run of strikes and spares - we thought she had been hiding her talents. Sadly, Kerry fizzled out as time went on. Maybe, she just wanted to give us a chance. It's lovely that Kerry finds time to come out with the team. She has been through so much during the 15 years of Kevin's addiction problems, so it is so nice seeing her in such good spirits now.
As for my bowling - I'll say no more, other than it was awful.
Congratulations to Ross! But don't think you are going to stay as Wired In champion. Competition will be much tougher next time. 
I felt so proud being with the Wired In Cardiff community today. It was so rewarding to see a bunch of happy faces, belonging to people who have been through so much.     


Unknown said...

Sounds like you all had a great time! Would be good to see pics on the Wired in Flickr Photostream if you took any? ;)

Kev said...

Of course the reason that I didn't get a higher score was because an old injury of mine flared up and I had to swap to playing left-handed!! Oh yeah and the shoes were a bit tight!!

An excellent afternoon out and lucie's sarnies were top notch - thank you all!!

David Clark said...

Did not take pics. Took some video but may not be good. Will check in morning.

tim1leg said...

having fun and enjoying youself? working in our field. I think not! thats plenty from you lot get back to being miserable and moaning immediately! lol. Great work everyone x