Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Wired In Recovery Community, South Wales

It gives me such a pleasure working in this field, in particular working with people who have overcome or are trying to overcome serious substance use problems. Many of these people had life problems before they started to use substances – in fact, substances were often used to help them forget about or deal with these problems. They have often shown tremendous courage in their recovery efforts and in finding their path to recovery.

I am thrilled that Lucie James and Kevin Manley are developing a new Recovery Community in South Wales, members of which introduced themselves on a new Wired In Blog on Monday. Their individual pages contain personal introductions, Personal Stories and various other pieces of material. Some of these eight people have appeared in the Wired In film material.

Please take the opportunity to look through these Community Blogs. There is a lot of material that you will find of interest and may want to pass on to others. For example, treatment agency workers can readily print off the Personal Stories for their clients. The members of our community are very excited about the prospect of their writings helping people with substance use problems, and facilitating the education of practitioners working in the field.

Please note that these Blogs will move to our new web community site ( when it is developed over the summer. We’ll be encouraging other people to engage in a wider community, via a personal web page we will provide that operates within our new content management system. Exciting stuff!    

Another lovely day in Perth, sunny and 20 degrees. I lunched with an old school mate Clyde Bevan, who not only runs one of West Australia’s best eating places but is also Chair of the State Lottery Commission. You can guess what we talked about for some of the time – substance use problems in the UK and WA.

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