Thursday, 1 May 2008

Background Briefings

My apologies for no posting yesterday but a lot of things needed sorting last few days. I'll be back in full flow next week, with what I hope you will find to be some interesting Blogs.

I would like to point out to you that we have now put links to all 63 of my Background Briefings which have appeared in Drink and Drugs News on another of our Blogs. Please remember they are in reverse order, with the most recent as the top Blog entry.
It's amazing to think that I have written so many. I was so chuffed one day when Professor Neil McKeganey pointed out to me that when they started he thought there would not be that many. I would run out of things to write about. It surprised him that they kept coming... and coming. 
Neil, there are a good few more to come, as long as I don't get mowed down by a bus. There is so much to write about in this field. But I really appreciate your positive  comments.
It would be really good if people responded to what I write on the BB Blog. It's always good to see what people are thinking. And please keep sending those letters in to DDN!
I have to confess that I really do find it moving when people come up to me at conferences or launches (hi you guys on the Action on Addiction/Bath University degree course) and say how much they appreciate the BBs. Thank you. 
I wonder how they know it is me, forgetting that my ugly mugshot is always there. Hopefully, there is a new one this issue. Don't forget to look, because I have written what I feel are some important insights into our treatment system.

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