Wednesday, 28 May 2008

New Wired In Blogs

I want to introduce you to two new Wired In Blogs. Firstly, 'What I've Heard' written by a collaborator of ours, Pavel Nepustil, from Brno in the Czech Republic. Pavel is currently in Houston on a Fullbright scholarship. He is a NGO social worker and PhD student, carrying out research with former methamphetamine users who gave up using without treatment. 

'My Life' is written by one of our volunteers, David Wright from Newport. Some of you will remember David's story being told in Drink and Drugs News a couple of years ago. David starts with this story linking up to the original magazine articles. David is a prolific writer so keep an eye open for lots of future Blogs once he gets used to the system.
Meanwhile, Kevin's Blog goes from strength to strength - watch his latest 'Grease Medley' video on our YouTube channel. A real highlight today, not just for Kevin but for the whole team. A message from Bill White which said quite simply, 'Love Kevin's posts. Tell him to keep writing. We need his passion and his voice.' Kevin must be over the moon to receive such a compliment.

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