Friday, 30 May 2008

My 50th Posting: Kids and friends

My three youngest - Ben (12), Sam (7) and Natasha (3) - have been staying the past week, which has meant a major change in lifestyle. One gets out of practice seeing youngsters only every other weekend, and half of the holidays, so it sometimes takes a little time re-adapting to being a single dad. But I love it.

I've been on the back-foot with my writing and other Wired In activities. In fact, they've been rightly relegated into the background. However, there has ben a lot going on so I've had to pick up the computer whenever I could. 
I had a meeting with a film production researcher (and Lucie and Kevin) on Wednesday which was very interesting. Kids had to be relegated to another table - armed with computer, Gameboy, etc - where they enjoyed their own special lunch. Rachel went on to meet some of our volunteers and that sounded as if it well really well. Certainly fired up Kevin on his Blog.
One real pleasure this week has been a regular email correspondence with Bill White, one of the leading thinkers in this field. Made me realise what little short messages can do to one's enthusiasm, drive and mood. When you're working away with just a few people and no funding, trying to help make major, much-needed changes to a field, little short messages can mean a lot. 
It's also been great communicating all week with a small core group of UK people trying to move the recovery agenda along. I'm discovering new friends, good people I know I'll be working alongside (mainly virtually) for a long time into the future. It feels good!

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