Sunday, 11 May 2008

The Personal Story of Kevin Manley: The Film

Nearly two years ago, I met three special people - Kevin Manley, his mother Kerry, and Jonathan Kerr-Smith.  

Today, Wired In releases the film version of Kevin's Personal Story, made by Jonathan Kerr-Smith in association with Lucie James, which focuses on Kevin's 15-year addiction to illicit drugs and subsequent experiences in finding his path to recovery. Kerry talks about the 'hell' that Kevin's family experienced during his problems and her feelings about his recovery. 

We have had to break this 35-minute film up into eight parts to fit on to YouTube. After you have looked at Part 1 of the film, please click on ‘More From: wiredinrecovery’ just to the right above the clips. You’ll then find the other parts of our film.

You can also see a shortened version

Kevin is enjoying his recovery nearly two years later. He has been a long-term and valued volunteer with Wired In, and I also feel honoured in saying that Kevin and I are very good friends. He has shown a courage beyond what I think I will ever be able to achieve in my life. My young children love him to bits. He has so much to offer this field.

Jon is a talented film-maker, as you will see over time as we put up more of our material on the Wired In channel over the coming weeks. He has worked closely with our Wired In colleague Lucie James in producing these films - Lucie has discovered hidden talents. We also thank Sarah Davies for her interview of Kerry. 

As a youngster, I wanted to be a film-maker. I even got accepted on to 3-year film course, but never had the courage to take up the challenge of finding the funding. Now, I play the role of bringing these people together and financing a project. I feel so proud being able to do this, helping promote recovery, and nurturing real talent.

Please check out our personal Stories blog, to see Kevin's and Kerry's Personal Story. Also, check this blog on Wednesday when we release the Wired In 'Way Forward'. 


Anonymous said...

kevin, I took some time out this morning to read your story and just wanted to say, you truly are a shining example of how we can recover and become not just productive but highly influential and valued members of society even when we dont ask for such honorable gifts. Keep your self authentic and you will be ok. Big Hug.

David Clark said...

I called Kevin from Glasgow station to tell him of your posting that I had found on my iPhone. He was so chuffed and excited. Thank you for such a thoughtful gesture. He is a special guy, which I am sure you can pick up from film.
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