Sunday, 18 May 2008

Mark Saunders Personal Story - The Film

The Independent newspaper commented upon a new film on heroin addiction being shown at the Cannes Film Festival with emotional statements like 'seamy underbelly of rural England', 'unflinching portrayal of addiction' and 'features a teenager's heroin death as a central plotline' - all in the Arts & Entertainment section. 

Well, as Jim pointed out in Saturday's Daily Dose, we also use 'real-life heroin addicts' (Independent expression) in our cast - actually ours are ex-addicts. However, we use less emotional language than the Independent, like ' hope to others that recovery can be achieved, while also showing the real life side of addiction'.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a recovery film showing at Cannes in the future - Jon, that's your next challenge! [Jon has just had some great news about one of his films]
For now, we introduce you to the filmed Personal Story of Mark Saunders. This was made several years ago - you can tell by the colour of my hair! Mark is still one of our volunteers and you can see his written Personal Story as well. As we pointed out with Kevin and Kerry's film, we have to chop the film into sections to fit on YouTube.
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