Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Jonathan Kerr-Smith film 'Last Man Out' in New York Film Festival

We are absolutely thrilled that Jonathan Kerr-Smith, who makes the Wired In films, will make his debut at the New York Film Festival. Jon's feature-length film 'Last Man Out' on William Rodriguez, the last man to leave the World Trade Centre on 9/11, has been selected to be shown at the festival in both New York and Los Angeles.   

Jon lives in Penarth, near Cardiff, and has been a life-long friend of Lucie James from Wired In. We hired him to make the 'Personal Stories' of Mark Saunders, and Kevin and Kerry Manley, as well as for several other film projects. He and Lucie have made a formidable team, and we have always appreciated Jon's considerable talents. We now want to raise funding to hire Jon for some more substantial projects we have in mind.  
We are so excited for Jon and wish we could be there!!
Why not check out some of Jon's work on our Wired In Recovery channel.

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